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Dragon Bane: no room for confusion

One of the major mood killers for every online digital game is confusion. This is a aspect that Dragon Bane has very carefully eliminated from their game plan! Many a times, we come across flustered players throwing away their phones in disgust. Eyes with crinkled brows, boring into the screen are also a very common sight. Confusion is something that can actually mar the entire fun and excitement of a game. Numerous icons and no proper instructions are typically features that give rise to a lot of confusion. Now one might wonder here that what is it that frees Dragon Bane from all these confusions? Does the game show no icons or does it come with a horde of instructions? Let us find out.

dragon bane no room for confusion

What most game makers do is that they themselves confuse confusion with suspense. No, unnecessary symbols and no instructions when required that leaves room for only guess work and luck is not suspense. It gets tiring and boring after a certain point of time, like in case of Temple Run. All that you have to do is run aimlessly not knowing whether you are on the right track or not. It is indeed very frustrating. Dragon Bane has a very simple yet elegant solution to this problem. In this game too, the character has to follow a route that will lead him or her from one quest to another. Thus in order to reach quests one has to be one the right track. Confusion with directions will wreck havoc in a game like Dragon Bane and people will become disinterested in it. Thus the makers of this game have equipped it with directions, in form of small hand shaped arrows, that guide the character on the right path. Devoid of any confusion about where one is going, the player can now fully dedicate himself to planning and strategising his or her next move.