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Sturdee Residences Development Details

Sturdee Residences is one of the highly anticipated condos available in Singapore at a highly commercial location of the city. Its architecture and design is latest and unique. Project was made to bring about revolution. Latest technology and equipment’s has been used in making of these condos. Their décor is mind blowing and they will below your mind. They are designed by keeping in mind lifestyle of modern generation. Their arrangements and facilities are specifically designed to suit your life styles.

sturdee residences development details

Location of Sturdee residences:

Those who are already using them are recommending them to others. They are equipped with latest equipment. They also have facilities to suit your healthy life style. Most of all you are going to get awesome neighborhood around. It was built in commercial area so all big shopping malls offices business centers and hotels are around at your walking distance. Location of Sturdee residence is Sturdee Road / 10 Beatty Road Singapore 209955. Those who are interested to buy can visit the place. It’s a surety that décor and interior of the condos will definitely amaze you.

Developer of Sturdee Residences:

Idea of the developer was to provide with latest, comfortable and commercially demanded residences for people in a city like Singapore. These residences are center of attention of most business owners. This place is a golden place for them. It’s a golden opportunity for them to avail these places. Terms and conditions will be settled based on the nature of contract you want to do. Once you do a commitment you need to strictly follow rules and regulations. Breach of contract or any of its clauses may lead to severe consequences. So try to stick with the contract once it is made. Time period of the contract may vary. Developer of the Sturdee residences is SL Capital (1) Pte Ltd (Jointly developed by Sustained Land Pte Ltd, Ho Lee Group, Goodland Group, Kwong Lee). You can contact the developer for negotiation.